Two month continuance for Propane project EIR

In case you haven’t heard, the Board of Supervisors decided to continue the hearing of the Phillips 66 Propane recovery project until April 1, or later if necessary.  The planning commission will need that time to answer questions raised by residents, CBE,  Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger (on behalf of the Rodeo Citizens Association),  a Jan. 15 letter from Attorney General Kamala Harris  about the flawed Wespac project DEIR and its impact on the Bay Area including Rodeo,  and a letter from the air board .

Due to lack of data from the refinery and conflicting data in the EIR, BAAQMD is unable to make a determination about the project and its impacts on the environment.  They are requesting more data or a valid explanation of why it isn’t necessary.

It sounds as if the EIR will need to be re-written or severely revised, and probably redistributed.  It will definitely be re-open for public comment after the April 1 hearing. Stay tuned for details.

A good piece by Tom Lochner of the West County Times can be read here.

Video documentation of the hearing is here.  Jump to “D.1”.  See our local heroes.

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