Oil tanker rail-cars parked under the Carquinez Bridge

Rail cars parked under the Carquinez and Zampa  Bridges

Rail cars parked under the Carquinez and Al Zampa Bridges in Crockett, CA
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This picture was taken at about 3:30 PM March 15, 2014.  The train was stationary on a siding and had been there since at least 2:30. I counted about 25 tanker cars.  They look like the infamous, unsafe, Dot 111 variety.

There is no known rail offloading facility at the Phillips 66 refinery, so these cars are probably not associated with that facility.  Also, there is no way to tell if there is product in these tanker cars.

It would be good to know that this is not the highly volatile Bakken crude or filthy Tar Sands crude, but there is no way to find out.  There is currently no legislation that requires disclosure.  We should NOT want those materials parked under our bridges!

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3 Responses to Oil tanker rail-cars parked under the Carquinez Bridge

  1. Nancy Rieser says:

    Next to C and H are huge numbers of “side” tracks.. I would argue that they ARE associated with the P66 facility and are just in a holding pattern. P66 Mark Hughes has advised the community. so long as the cars are NOT on P66 property, if they do derail or explode, it ain’t P66’s problem. No different with Shell and Tesoro. Parts of downtown Martinez are like a DOT 111 parking lot.

  2. Dean Hernandez says:

    Not sure what your point is. There is nothing illegal with what they are doing. Not a fan of shipping oil by rail, but you can’t change that at the local level. It must be Federally done. And those tanker cares are safe unless someone explodes a bomb near them. False hype is not the way.

  3. admin says:

    My point is it should be illegal. This is a World Wide Web, not a local one, and laws are changed by informing the politicians. Public sentiment helps. This is not “false hype” sir. I’m not sure what your point is. That was the point of the article.

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