Report on P66 LUP Hearing

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I’ve received several requests for updates on the outcome of yesterday’s Phillips 66 compliance hearing and have also been told that the Zoning Administrator’s final action was have been unclear.  The Zoning Administrator did not make a final determination on P66’s compliance. At the October 2013 hearing she indicated an expectation for the FTIRs to maintain a 95% monthly on-stream average between then and the March hearing. She acknowledged that the FTIRs met her expectations, but indicated that she wanted P66 to come back in a few months so that the County could continue to monitor their progress. A hearing date was set for Monday, July 21, at 3:30.

The County has just launched a revamped website. A new feature is a live video stream for Zoning Administrator hearings. I believe that the archived stream will be posted soon at the following link:

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William R. Nelson

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