Some residents call for resignation of advisory council chairman

South Carolina United Methodist Clergy

Rev. Anthony Hodge, RMAC Chair




A Contra Costa Times article was published yesterday that further reveals the close ties between a political appointee, Rev. Anthony Hodge, and the Phillips 66 refinery.  Hodge was appointed by CCCounty Supervisor Federal Glover to run the “RMAC”.  That organisation is charged to make recommendations to the county on behalf of its residents.

Public record show that a great deal of the funding for the Hodge’s “New Horizons Career Developement Center” and for Hodge’s church come directly, and indirectly through a trust, from the Phillips 66 refinery.  Rev. Hodge’s denials and accounting of funding do not match the public records.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, the RMAC has publicly supported the EIR for the expansion project at the refinery and made positive recommendations on its behalf to the county. This was done apparently without even being familiar with the document or any of the details of the expansion plans (based on responses to questions asked by residents at the RMAC meetings).  Residents feel that they are not being fairly represented by Rev. Hodge.  When challenged, he has claimed to answer to a higher authority.  Perhaps that authority is headquartered in Texas?

Local residents are now asking for Hodge’s resignation due to this conflict of interest.  Supervisor Glover stands by his appointment.

Please read the CCTimes article here.

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