Huge flaring seen at P66

Last night it was reported that very bright flaring was seen at the Phillips 66 plant at Rodeo. A reporter on Channel 2 this morning said a there was a community alert but I see no evidence of that.

I welcome comment from the refinery. I know that they monitor this page.

CCTimes article

Edit – 9:55 AM

The following statement was released from Phillips 66

At approximately 10:15 pm Pacific time on May 18 the Phillips 66 Rodeo Refinery experienced a process interruption.

The refinery’s safety systems worked as designed to direct fuel gas to the facility’s flare, resulting in visible flaring.

There were no injuries and all personnel are safe.

The refinery continues to operate and a comprehensive investigation will be conducted to determine the exact cause.


Paul Adler
Manager, Communications and Public Affairs
Phillips 66 – San Francisco Refinery

510-245-4400 (w)

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