Fire at Phillips 66

This time it’s real! From the Contra Costa Times:

RODEO — A small fire Sunday at the Phillips 66 refinery spurred the county health department to issue a public health advisory for the towns of Rodeo and Crockett.

The fire began around 3 p.m. at the refinery site in the 1300 block of San Pablo Avenue, spurring a response from refinery fire staff and Rodeo-Hercules fire district firefighters, Phillips 66 spokesman Paul Adler said in a statement. No injuries were reported, and the fire’s cause is under investigation, Adler said.

Full story here.20150802_064022_firerodeo3

I got what appears to be a press release from Paul Adler, refinery spokesperson, but I cannot post it here. It contained little information anyway. This is why I can’t post it….

This message originates from Phillips 66. The message and any file transmitted with it contain confidential and proprietary information which may be a trade secret, is the intellectual property of Phillips 66, and is otherwise intended to be protected against unauthorized use consistent with the Phillips 66 Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. The information contained in this message and any file transmitted with it is transmitted in this form based on a reasonable expectation of privacy. Any disclosure, distribution, copying or use of the information by anyone other than the intended recipient, regardless of address or routing, is strictly prohibited. …

In response Paul Adler says:

This was a courtesy statement sent to members of the Phillips 66 CAP and CWG.

You may direct members of the public to call the Community Information Line at: 510-245-4070 or contact the public affairs department if they have any further inquiries.

Thank you.


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2 Responses to Fire at Phillips 66

  1. gofindnancy says:

    Ed? The last one was real. It was a big fireball at the base of the same hydro cracker. Today, the county hazmat crew was sort of tucked out of the way at Selby and drove out around 4 and were taking air samples with hand units. Got picture of those if you are interested.

  2. admin says:

    Sorry Nancy, but there is zero evidence that you saw and photographed a fire the last time. It was proven to be a lighting effect with steam and a sodium vapor lamp. You might have noticed that hydrocracker fires produce black smoke, and get the attention of firefighters and the county. These elements were missing at the “event” you witnessed.

    There is no conspiracy to hide anything here. People often make mistakes with what they think they see. It sure looked like a fire, but wasn’t.

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