Fire up the irony machine…

Phillips 66 teams up with local firefighters and makes a video…

The problem is that the Rodeo firehouse was closed due to lack of funds. It took the work of local residents to convince the county that it was needed and emergency grant money was finally found by our (now absentee) supervisor so that the firehouse could reopen last year. The funding is only temporary. 

In the meantime, taxes paid by Phillips 66 to the county have dropped significantly thanks to what appear to be extremely “creative” accounting practices in the (self) valuation of their property. The county tax assessor can’t reveal the figures supplied that allow the amazing devaluation of this apparently highly lucrative enterprise.

Overall, Phillips 66 reported a profit of $1.15 billion, or $2.05 a share, up from $826 million, or $1.37 a share, a year earlier. Excluding asset-sale gains, write-downs and other items, earnings rose to $1.63 from$1.34 a share.

Phillips 66 has defended their lack of support for local fire by stating publicly that they have their own fire department which is more than sufficient.  In this “small” fire, apparently mutual aid became necessary. In fact their video talks about the importance of local fire. Where is the support?

Photo by Teagan Clive

Photo by Teagan Clive

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5 Responses to Fire up the irony machine…

  1. Carol Lampson says:

    Well, I noticed that Paul Adler, who used to be Supervisor Federal Glover’s chief of staff, is now the Phillips 66 spokesperson. I’m sure he was helpful to them in that and other evasion of regulation efforts with the county.

    So corrupt.

  2. Fred Clerici says:

    It appears that P66 has four large parcels that make up its Rodeo operations. I have been able to identify two of these parcels through various publications. One of the parcels has had its assessment lowered by $5,195,294.00 for the 15-16 fiscal year. It is by far not the largest and most important of their properties, but it confirms what has been stated above. Would love to see what the numbers are for the entire operation.

  3. Teagan Clive says:

    As I understand it, this is the second Level 2 accident at P66 since 2012. Although the refinery is supposed to warn the community via the Community Warning System (CWS), I haven’t heard that anyone was alerted — for either event. Yesterday, folks who called the P66 Emergency Hotline were met with a recording that made no mention of the fire taking place. Besides the tremendous “tax break” P66 is receiving from the County (yes, they’ll be paying just 1% of the taxes that they paid last year for their 29 parcels in Rodeo), the refinery’s NOT warning us of Level 2 events. This disturbs me.

  4. GuadalupeSantos says:

    I live on Second Street and I did not heard the alarm for the fire nor got any calls from the system about the fire. Who is supposed to notify the residents of Rodeo.
    The way I found out was through KGO…OTHERWISE I WOULD HAVE NOT KNOWN.

  5. admin says:

    This is confusing. I thought a level 2 emergency required the county to send out a phone alert to sensitive receptors. It actually was the responsibility of the refinery. It seems they don’t consider it their responsibility any more. There is no alarm (set by the county) for a level 2, only level 3 and above.

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